Prolog files  -- HTML escaping
st_write_escape/2Writes text into Stream by escaping some of the symbols that cause problem in HTML.  -- Expression evaluator
st_set_function/3Registers new function.
st_set_global/2Sets the global value.  -- File handling
st_cache_invalidate/0Purges all cache entries.
st_cache_put/2Puts the template into cache.
st_cached/2Retrieves the cached template.
st_resolve/3Resolves file name relative to current working directory.
st_resolve_include/3Resolves included file against the current file.  -- Predefined functions
encode_fragment/2Implements function to encode the fragment of an URI.
encode_path/2Implements function to encode the path value of an URI.
encode_query_value/2Implements function to encode the query value of an URI.  -- Template parser
st_parse/3Parses given list of codes into a template.
st_render_file/4Renders given file with the given data into the stream.
st_render_string/5Renders given string with the given data into the stream.  -- Template tokenizer
st_tokens/3Tokenizes the given input into tokens.  -- Whitespace handling
st_strip_indent/2Removes indents and collapses extra line ends.