Prolog files
ds_all/2Finds list of all documents in the given collection.
ds_all/3Finds list of all documents in the given collection.
ds_all_ids/2Retrieves the list of all document IDs in the collection.
ds_close/0Closes the database.
ds_col_add_key/3Adds each document new key with the default value.
ds_col_get/3Retrieves entry with the given id.
ds_col_get/4Retrieves entry with the given id.
ds_col_remove/2Removes the given document.
ds_col_remove_cond/2Removes all documents from the collection that match the condition.
ds_col_remove_key/2Removes given key from the document collection.
ds_col_rename/2Rename collection.
ds_col_rename_key/3Renames a key in collection.
ds_collection/2Finds which collection the document belongs to.
ds_find/3Finds collection entries that satisfy condition(s).
ds_find/4Same as ds_find/3 but retrieves subset of keys.
ds_hook/3Adds new save/remove hook.
ds_id/2Extracts document id from the given document.
ds_insert/1Same as ds_insert/2 but the generated ID is ignored.
ds_insert/2Same as ds_insert/3 but collection name is taken from dict tag.
ds_insert/3Inserts new document into the given collection.
ds_move/3Moves the given document into the new collection.
ds_open/1Opens the database file.
ds_remove_col/1Removes all documents from the given collection.
ds_remove_key/2Removes key from the given document.
ds_set_id/3Sets the document id.
ds_snapshot/0Writes the snapshot of current database contents into its file.
ds_snapshot/1Writes the current database snapshot into the file.
ds_transactional/1Runs given goal that modifies the database contents in a transactional mode.
ds_tuples/3Provides backtrackable predicate-like view of documents.
ds_update/1Updates the given document.
ds_update/2Updates the given document.
ds_upsert/1Same as ds_upsert/2 but ignores the generated id.
ds_upsert/2Same as ds_upsert/3 but uses dict tag as collection name when inserting.
ds_upsert/3Inserts or updates the given document.
ds_uuid/1Generates UUID version 4 identifier.